Our Story

The Tasty Table brings a warm inviting experience to Ossining. Our dishes are created using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Inspired by our diverse backgrounds and love for cooking, we are focused on classic and comforting menu items that are made fresh daily. 

The Tasty Table is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or Brunch. Don’t forget to end each meal with one of our sweet treats. We look forward to serving you at our table. See you soon!

Local History

Campwoods Sweet Shop

The Campwoods Sweet Shop has been a part of Ossining’s history for over 60 years. It’s original location opened at 19 Campwoods Road, the current home of Lipton’s Supermarket.

In the mid to late 1950’s Frank Pavelka moved the Sweet Shop to a larger location at 21 Campwoods Road. The Sweet Shop, known to most as simply “Frank’s” appeared to be the hub of the community. Many fond memories were created within the walls of “Frank’s”. Many kids would come in to get their school supplies, candy and 2 for a nickel pretzel rods. The adults relied on Frank’s for their daily newspapers sundries and tobacco products. 

When people think of Frank’s, they often recall sitting at the counter reading the Sunday newspaper and enjoying and Infrared Stewart’s sandwich and an egg cream. These memories are still vivid in the minds of many in the community. 

Frank was a no-nonsense type of guy. When he would catch kids taking candy without paying, he would make them call their parents from the pay phone on the wall and let them know what they had done. Even with his tough approach, people remember him as “the nicest guy”. 

Frank would say that he made his living on nickels and dimes. He devoted 7 days a week to the Sweet Shop but still made his family part of it. His son Bobby and his daughter Patricia “Candy” worked at the Shop. Frank would roll his coins once a week with the family, giving literal meaning to making all of his money in nickels and dimes. 

This iconic staple of Ossining will live on in the memories of many forever. The Tasty Table invites you to join us to be part of this location’s next chapter!